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Friday, December 3, 2010

movie review -- Tangled

We saw Tangled last weekend.  This is Disney's reworking of the Rapunzel fairytale.  We saw it in 3D, the newest trend, and we made usre to see a late evening show so as to avoid being with crowds of kids (although the three young girls sitting behind us oohed and aahed at the 3D effects but otherwise kept very quiet during the film).

Many elements of the story are derivative, reminding me of the many classic Disney fairytales I saw as a child or when my own children were little.  The back story of the king and queen and their longed-for daughter reminded me of Sleeping Beauty, and Mother Gothel reminded me of the Evil Queen in Snow White.  alan Menkin's music sounded familiar, but then again, he wrote the music for Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, didn't he?

I loved Flynn Rider, the unlikely hero, and I loved how Rapunzel is a very resourcesful, 21st-Century princess who can take care of herself.  Loved how the movie is full of drama, romance and comedy.  Max the horse made my day. 

And I can already see Rapunzel running around the Magic Kingdom in a blonde wig and purple dress.

Interestingly, and on a personal note, in some ways the Rapunzel character reminded me of Jen.  And not because of the blonde hair.  Some of the body movements and facial expressions -- it's as if they used my daughter as the model for the character....

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