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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I met Alan about 10-11 years ago.  At the time I was practicing law with a large firm in NYC.  An attorney about 3 years younger than me, he and I were adversaries on an insurance ocverage suit. As that case wound its way through the NYC courts, Alan and I became friends.
In fact, Alan confided in me that he was unhappy with his law firm and was looking to change the direction of his career.  I thought he would fit in well with a small  law firm I'd been assoicated with in the 1980's, and recommended that he seek employment there. 

It was a perfect match and I was happy I'd played matchmaker.  He was at that firm for several years, would have stayed there foreever if the firm hadn't dissolved.

He moved onto another law firm, and we'd have lunch occasionally -- it was a business lucnh but also a social occasion -- his firm was trying to get more business from my company.

He was a nice guy, Jewish, single...we never connected as anything other than friends.  He always asked about my children, about their plans for college....

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I hadn't heard from Alan in months.Many, many months. 

It occurred to me that Alan would be a good person to ask about a job for my sister, an experienced trial attorney who despertely needs a career move.

It never occurred to me that when I'd go looking for Alan....I'd find his obituary. He died 12/21/2009, a full year ago....

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