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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

final exams time

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It's that "wonderful" time of the semester -- final exams.  Jen's last day of class was the 9th and Becca's last day was the 10th.  "Finals week" (a misnomer, the exam period is really about 10 days)  is now in full swing, and exams are set to end by the 22nd.

This is Becca's first "finals week", of course.  She's a bit...intense...about the process, planning out her studying time and preparing for the tests.

A few weeks ago I got a letter from some association at her college, asking me to pay for a "finals survival kit", a basket of snack foods to keep her going while she's stressing out.  I could choose healthy snacks like fresh fruit, or "good" snacks like chips and cookies, or (for an additional fee, of course) I could choose a combination of both.  Of course I chose....both.

Jen is an "old hand" at finals, of course, and much more relaxed about it.  She even manages a weekend at home between the end of classes and her first exam.  The parents' association at her school sells "finals survival kits" to be delivered to the dorms, and usually it's the parents of freshmen who buy the kits.    As a junior, jen is perfectly capable of providing her own snacks....she brings them to school after raiding  the kitchen at home. 

So i am wishing both of my college girls good luck on exams.  Study hard, girls, and do well!

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