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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

First, my news....

Gained a bit over Thanksgiving, not a shock.  Could have been worse. 

Weight Watchers has roiled out a new program, all the point values are different.  I have to learn program all over again.  A real challenge, but I will manage.  Still annoyed that there's no app for my Droid...they gave us a calc ulator with a shortcut to the mobile website, not nearly as functional as the app they made for iPhone -- I ought to know, I have the app o the i/touch, but it loses functionality when I'm out of wifi range.

the show...

So last week Lisa went home, and now there are 6 players.  After tonight there will be 4 -- there will be a red line and a yellow line.  It's the last week on campus.

first up is a pop challenge, with a money prize.  It's sponsored by Subway sandwiches and  it's about a phone call and missed who won...figured I would check the website...found out that Brendan and Patrick were the final two, and Brendan won the prize $10,000.

Back from my phone call, missed all the medical reports, and it's time for the next challenge.  they're doing step ups and running a mile while carrying all the weight they've lost since arriving on campus, and the winner gets a one pound advantage as well as a prize, an in-home gym -- Ada wins!!!!

Then the last chance workout...brutal...

Ada is up first.  6 pounds -- that's a  good loss for her.  and she's got the one pound advantage.

Elizabeth is next.  4 pounds, and she's not happy.

Next up, Mark....7 pounds. He's disappointed, he worked so hard this week.

Patrick comes to the scales...he needs more than 11 pounds to be safe.  He got 12! He'll be part of the final 4.

Frado's turn.   He needs more than 9 pounds to be safe.  15 pounds and he's yelling with joy.

Mark and Elizabeth are below the yellow line.  Who else will be there?  Ada or Brendan?

Brendan comes up to the scale.  He needs more than 10 to stay above the yellow line, more than  5 to be above the red line.  He lost 5 pounds, he's bleow the red line and is headed home.

so ada is safe.

and Mark and Elizabeth are below the yellow line.

Mark is confident his friends will keep him in.

Elizabeth thinks people will act in their own interest.

elizabeth is right, and Mark is eliminated.

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