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Sunday, December 26, 2010

movie review -- True Grit

I've never read the novel, and I've never seen the John Wayne version of True Grit, so I had no preconceived notions when we saw the Jeff Bridges movie yesterday.  I've since found out that the John Wayne movie was filmed in the Colorado Rockies when the story is set in Arizona and Oklahoma, that the actress who played Mattie in the first movie was 21 though the character is 14, and that the John Wayne movie changed the ending form how it wa sin the novel.  The new movie is supposedly true to the novel.

This version of the story is very gritty and harsh.  Jeff Bridges' performance is full of bravado and pathos.  Loved Matt Damon's Le Beouf  -  his Texas Ranger bordered on the ridiculous.Hailee Steinfeld as Matttie...well, that girl deserves all the buzz she's getting.Josh Brolin was pure evil....there's dark humor, terrifying moments, satisfaction and redemption, and a bittersweet ending that I just didn't see coming.

Definitely worth seeing.

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