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Saturday, January 10, 2009

wish I'd had the camera tonight

so the previous post was a photo from my archives, from June 2008, at Becca's sweet 16 party. Jen is the one wearing the pink Betsy Johnson (it was the dress she wore to the prom in 2007) and Becca is the one in the teal and cream Betsy.

both girls went to a sweet 16 tonight and I wish I'd had the opportunity to take a picture of them. Becca was her usual gorgeous self in a purple strapless and my Tiffany earrings.


she borrowed a dress my from sister, a frothy black and white strapless that my sister had worn to the sweet 16 last June. (I'm sorry, but a 40 year old woman should not be wearing a Besty Johnson prom dress, even if she can fit into it!)

she looked like she should be modelling the dress. it looked like it was made for her.

I doubt my sister will ever wear that dress again.

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