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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

one million bagels!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a long-standing relationship with bagels. Part of it is ethnic compulsion -- I think it's in the genes. Part of it is family history -- my late uncle was a bagel man, owned a store in Newark and later had a shop on the East Side.

and part of it is that they are a little bit of carbo heaven.

of course, I am a bit of a bagel "snob". A real bagel should be boiled, not steamed, before it is baked. and those weird flavors -- like blueberry or sun-dried tomato -- you know, the things my uncle would never have added to his bagels -- just don't cut it for me. and those horrible doughy things they sell in the supermarket freezer section -- don't get me started.

when I was in college, in Albany, NY, most of my classmates were from NYC or Long Island, and we used to beg our parents to bring us "Guyland bagels", because what was sold as a "bagel" in Albany just didn't compare. it must be something in the water.

in fact, when I used to go down to Southwest Florida,I saw advertisements for bagel shops featuring "authentic New York bagels" -- they came pretty close, but....

so I was amused when I heard that Bagel Boss, the biggest bagel store on the Island, sent one million bagels to DC for the Inauguration. I am trying to visualize what one million bagels must look like.

I think it looks like a little slice of heaven.

here's the news story -- I wish I had a picture to go along with it.

Bagel shop sends 1 million bagels for inauguration

HICKSVILLE, NY. (NBC) - A taste of New York City will be waiting for those at Tuesday's presidential inauguration.
A Long Island bagel shop is sending one-million bagels to D.C. for the event.
The owner of Bagel Boss decided to give out one million bagels and schmears to people attending the big events in D.C., and the workers in Hicksville are glad to be a part of history.
Regular customers say the rest of the country should have a taste of real New York bagels.
Bagel Boss managers say it took 14 trucks to carry the bagels down to Washington.
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Suzanne said...

We have the Real McCoy-except for the water. Alas, I can't eat them unless they're toasted, because if I have anything but a NY bagel, the minerals in the water makes them too chewy.

Everything with cream cheese, please! Or a bialy. THANKS! :)

songbird's crazy world said...

I will have to send you some guyland bagels.

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