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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

feeling stupid right now

whenever it snows, the genuises who plow out the local train station pile up the snow in the corners of the parking lot, thus reducing the available parking space in an already-overcrowded lot.

well, all the snow from the New Year's Eve storm has melted -- or so I thought.

I was running late this morning (don't ask) and got to the station much later than normal. spotted an empty parking spot at the end of the row.

pulled halfway in, decided I needed a better angle, backed out a little bit...and got stuck on a huge mound of ice I never saw.

had to call AAA to pull my car out of the spot.

by now I was sooo late I thought I'd never find a legitimate parking spot.

but no sooner did the AAA guy unhook my car from his tow truck than I saw someone actually pulling out of a parking spot.

a little silver lining in an otherwise cloudy morning.

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