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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DISboards nonsense

found a new blog today. Love it.

I've posted there under various names over the last 10 years or so. it went from a sweet little board that was Pete Werner's hobby to ....well, a real nightmare. that a board devoted to all things Disney can be such a nasty, racist, childish (not childlike) place....

loving the inside scoop, though.

Did I ever tell you how "songbird" was banned from the DIS?

I was a poster in good standing for 3-4 years. Even booked my trips through Dreams Unlimited, back when Pete was careful to distinguish between the disboards as a hobby and Dreams as his business.

Pete and Webmaster Alex were struggling with server issues, the disboards would go down more often than they'd stay up.

then Pete announced cosmetic changes to, which feeds into the disbaords forum.

Like all other members of the forum, I was frustrated. so I was a bit sarcastic. I posted something to the effect of "would you buy a house if the front door had just been painted but the electrical system kept shorting out?"

I was banned by the great man himself.

wish I'd saved the nasty e-mails he sent me.

yeah, I was sarcastic, and I'm sure I hit a nerve.

but he made a lot of $$$ from my vacation planning, and from the referrals, I've never used Dreams Unlimited again, and I've never sent another person there either.


Amanda said...

I know this is an old blog post but I had to comment. I was recently banned from the DIS as well, though I don't know why and was not given a reason. Wow, that place has changed. I was a member for over 4 years. AND used Dreams as my travel agency. Now I am a travel agent myself for a different company. Still love Disney - even without the Dis!

songbird's crazy world said...

There are so many former business partners, former employees, former DISboard members, former DISboard mods, former DU customers...Pete thinks people are fungible.

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