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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the resiliency of the teenage heart

tragedy struck our home Thursday night. Becca broke up with her boyfriend.

the boy she swore she would love forever.

"forever" lasted about 8-9 months. I guess in teen world that constitutes a lifetime.

the ex is a nice kid, I liked him and I liked his parents. but to tell the truth, he's "geographically undesirable" -- he doesn't live in our town, it's20 minutes of highway driving to get to his house. I won't miss that drive at all.

on Saturday I noticed she wasn't wearing her own coat, she was wearing a red and black lacrosse team jacket.

there are two high schools in our town. Becca goes to High School West. their school colors are red and white. the other school, High School East, uses red and black for its colors.

at least this time she picked a boy closer to home!

I'd say her recovery is complete.

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