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Monday, March 19, 2018

Well, he did promise me adventures...

So yes, Drew and I had a little adventure last week, and not the kind I’d want to repeat.

The weather forecast called for a nor’easter on Tuesday, with significant snowfall.  So on Monday my boss made the decision to close the office during the storm, so that we’d all work from home.  I took my laptop to Drew’s house Monday evening, my plan being to work from his house.

But the plan changed when I got to Drew’s house.  He was clearly very sick, feverish, not doing well.  I told him I was taking him to the urgent care —there’s one around the corner from his house — and he didn’t even argue with me.

The doctor at the urgent care told me that Drew was much worse than we thought, that he needed to go to the ER for IV antibiotics.  She sent us there in an ambulance.

The ER doctor told me that she planned to treat the infection with a couple of rounds of IV antibiotics and fluids, and send him home with oral medication.

And then he spiked a fever of 105.

Trust me, you never want to see someone with a fever that high. It was scary, and I had to keep myself from freaking out so that I could keep Drew from freaking out.

Four days in the big, scary county hospital... He got excellent medical care, but ...

Well, he’s home now, feeling weak, but well on the road to recovery.


Liz A. said...

Yikes, that is scary. Glad he's feeling better now.

bookworm said...

That really is scary. I'm happy it turned out well. Good thing Drew had you to take him to medical care. Alana

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