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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

spirituality, Kabbalah and zen

So last weekend our synagogue continued with its meditation series.  This time we invited our own Rabbi to give a talk and workshop.

Our previous presenters have given us a modern approach, combining Eastern mystic practices, such as meditation and chanting, with Jewish theology.   So we found ourselves sitting quietly through guided meditations, or chanting a phrase over and over again.  One presenter even used a Tibetan singing bowl.

Our Rabbi is more of a traditionalist.  He focused on the mystic quality of Jewish ritual, of Jewish prayer.  The poetry of prayer.

But the message he gave was the same:

Live with purpose and meaning.  Live in the moment.  Observe what is good and beautiful around you.  Feel your connection to the community, and to the universe.  Feel the energy that binds us all together. 


peppylady (Dora) said...

We all have something good happen on a daily bases.
Today when I left work my client said..."Thank you" which meant a lot to me.

Coffee is on

songbird's crazy world said...

Amazing how that small "thank you" can make your day, isn't it?

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