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Saturday, January 14, 2017

I think the universe is trying to tell me something

So last night I was looking at Facebook, and a friend of mine posted that one of her good friends, A. F., had passed away.

A. F.?  I'd known someone by that name, back in college.  We'd been friends, but drifted apart, and I hadn't spoken to her for years.  Probably not since college.  Could it be the same person?

This morning there were photos, and a link to A. F.'s Facebook page.

Yes, it was the same person.

And from what my friends have to say, she was just as sweet and nice and loving as I remember her.  Had I known that my friends were close to her, I would have tried to reconnect with A. F.

She was 56, the same age as me.  Way too young.

She was overweight, diabetic, and apparently suffered a massive stroke.

In a few days I'm going to visit my friend L, who, as I've said before, is facing life-altering surgery due to the complications of diabetes. And you'll recall I went to a wake last month for R, who had a heart attack after years of dealing with diabetes.

I see myself reflected in these women, and it scares me.   Diabetes, heart attack and stroke.  All of those looming on the horizon...if that's not motivation to stick with my  exercise program, I don't know what is.


bookworm said...

Three of my friends or former friends passed away between the ages of 56 and 58 - one I blogged about recently (she died 19 years ago but she's been on my mind a lot lately) died from lung cancer, another from melanoma and a third from liver disease. Only the third friend was obese. But I do worry a lot about my brother in law's wife, who is obese and diabetic and has a number of other health problems, including one that has landed her in ER's several times over the last three or so years. This sometimes is far from a good time of our lives (I'm 64, and I can tell you it doesn't get better). All I can say is - I empathize.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Sorry about lost of your friend. One good thing about social media we can be in-touch with our old friends from way back when.

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