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Sunday, January 22, 2017

More pictures

 photo AMBA0026.jpg

The folks we chased up to the Hill:

 photo AMBA0031.jpg

On the Mall:

 photo AMBA0033.jpg photo AMBA0035.jpg photo AMBA0036.jpg

The "useful items":

 photo AMBA0041.jpg
 photo AMBA0044.jpg photo AMBA0046.jpg photo AMBA0047.jpg photo AMBA0048.jpg photo AMBA0048.jpg photo AMBA0049.jpg photo AMBA0050.jpg


bookworm said...

One of my high school/college friends marched with her sister in DC (my friend traveled from Florida to march) and I was with her in spirit. I was thinking strongly of going to the march in Seneca Falls instead of the march in Binghamton. I ended up going to neither one. Life is funny like that. (Organizers in Binghamton thought maybe 150 people would show up. It was more than 3,000, I understand. I read a figure of 10,000. for Seneca Falls, which is surreal.) But here's the thing (as TV Detective Adrian Monk used to say). This is only the beginning of a marathon. It is not a sprint with an after party after. And I don't know how many of those marchers realize that. I can only hope we can all keep up the momentum, each of us in our own little or big ways.

songbird's crazy world said...

Locally I've seen in increase in political action groups with both long term and short term plans. We need to start now and keep it going,

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