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Monday, November 28, 2016

Two turkey dinners and Chinese food

So...Thanksgiving with my family Thursday, and with Drew's family Friday.    Food, family, friendship.  Love, laughter, memories.

And yet, looking around the table, and seeing who is no longer among us...a profound sense of sadness at the passing of time.

And then, more sadness.  Saturday afternoon at the wake.  I didn't know R well, but I thought she was a warm and caring friend.  I've since learned how active she was in her church, how well loved she was in her parish.   Normally I'd make a donation to a secular charity, but for R, it has to be a Mass card.  Good thing  our friend K was able to show the Jewish contingent how to fill those out, we were all a bit lost...We sat very respectfully when they recited the Rosary -- at least that is said in English, I can't imagine what gentiles think when we recite Kaddish. 

And then, out of the darkness, light.

Drew and his sister Shelley have reconciled.

R was Shelley's best friend, they became friends in high school.  And she is suffering the loss so deeply. 

The rift was not of our choosing.  When we saw her at the funeral home, we went over to say hello. 

And emotions took over.  And she was hugging her brother and telling him how much she missed him. 

There were 8 of us who went out for Chinese food after the wake.  Like old times.

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