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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


So I was looking at old blog posts, and came across this one.

A funny story about R.  Yes, the lady whose funeral was earlier this week.

Here's the story:

Santa, is that you? Oh no!
I don't usually tell other people's stories, but this one was too funny to pass up. Two weeks after hearing it, I am still laughing.

The story involves a friend of a friend. Let's call her R. She is an older woman, never married, socially conservative. You might say straight-laced. Very old school. R lives alone. Her brother J and his family live in the house next door. J is retired from a position in law enforcement. Over the years R has come to depend on her brother J for many things.

So when it came time to decorate for Christmas, of course J did R's front yard as well as his own. R notices that one of the inflatables, a Santa figure, is facing the house. She doesn't know why Santa is facing the wrong direction, but she figures J will fix it eventually, and she doesn't give it any more thought.

But she starts to notice that all the cars in the neighborhood stop in front of her house to gawk at her decorations. Not admire, gawk. So one day she's outside, and someone stops to look at the lawn decor. So she asks him, "why is everyone staring at my decorations?"

 And he says "It's because of Santa."

 "Santa? what about Santa?"

And he points out to her that Santa has his back to the street.

He has his back to the street for a reason.

The reason is, he's mooning.

Yes, mooning.

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