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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Inferno (major spoiler alert)

A few years back, the most popular novel, the book everyone was reading, was
The DaVinci Code. Great book, it had all the elements of a mystery and a spy thriller, but with the unique elements of art and history incorporated into the plot. I so enjoyed the book that I immediately went out and bought Dan Brown's earlier book, Angels and Demons, featuring the same protagonist,Robert Langdon. And later, I loved the third book in the series, The Lost Symbol.

And I loved the movies, and Tom Hanks as Langdon.

And then I read Inferno.

I loved the story, loved how Brown wove together a spy thriller/action story with Renaissance art and Dante's words.

Until I got to the end of the story. And then I howled with anger and frustration, I felt betrayed by the author.

All of Langdon's efforts were for nothing, he couldn't stop the plague, it had been released before his first clue was ever found.

Though Brown did manage to cure overpopulation in a very interesting manner.

And the plague changed everything, so that the fictional world inhabited by Robert Langdon no longer bears any similarity to our own. In essence, he killed Langdon as a literary tool, he cannot write another Langdon book.

Yesterday we saw the movie. I really enjoyed it, loved looking at the artwork, loved how Langdon pieced the clues together. Loved looking at Hanks in that expensive Italian suit.

And then, the scenes in Istanbul. In the Haggia Sofia.


Langdon finds the plague before it is released. Langdon saves the world.

Much better payoff.

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