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Sunday, September 20, 2015

the little things -- just another day in NYC

So it was Thursday afternoon, rush hour, and I was in lower Manhattan, at the corner of Fulton Street and Broadway.

That's a very busy corner, even in the best of times.  Right now there's a construction project on that corner, and some of the lanes on Broadway are closed.  One of the construction workers helps direct traffic so that pedestrians can get across Broadway.

As I came up Fulton towards Broadway I could see a small crowd gathered across the street, on the corner in front of St. Paul's.  A woman was lying on the sidewalk, right at the curb.  A man was moving construction cones to that corner, to keep the traffic away from the curb where she was lying.  Several people were on their cell phones.  Just as I was wondering if someone called 911, a police officer walked up from behind me to cross the street.

The police officer helped the woman to sit up, and I heard someone say "She has a bump on her head from when she fell."

And then I noticed something unusual. 

Up against the church fence there was a backpack, a sweater, a cardboard sing and a hat, clearly the property of a panhandler, all scattered as if their owner had jumped up in a hurry ... yes, the panhandler was one for  the first people to rush to help the woman who had fallen.

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