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Thursday, September 10, 2015

aggravating morning

So last night the meteorologist on TV warned that bad storms were coming and would affect the morning commute.  Little did he realize...

Becca is NOT enjoying her commute.  And lately it's gotten worse -- no place to park at our train station.  Last night she asked if I'd drive her to the station in the morning, and I said OK.   Good thing, too -- service on our branch of the railroad was suspended this morning (train hit an SUV that shouldn't have been on the tracks, damaged the third rail), and I wound up driving to a station on another branch.

One of the traffic lights in our neighborhood was out, of course, but a police officer was kind enough to sit in his patrol car and watch the traffic in that intersection.  (Truth is, the traffic wasn't very heavy, he didn't need to get out and direct it...)

Of course this put me right in the middle of construction-related traffic as I made my way to my office.

But I really had to feel for Drew.  Fender-bender on the highway as he drove to work.

So glad tomorrow is Friday.

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