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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Another This and That

So Drew got his class schedule. He'll be teaching several sections of Global History (self-contained special ed) as well as Earth Science (inclusion). Not exactly the program he would have chosen for himself, but considering he's now in the final countdown to his retirement, he's not complaining too loudly.

Jen is loving the new job.  At her old job, in our school district,  she was a "paraprofessional" assigned to work one-on-one with a single special needs student.  She was initially assigned to her student when he was in 5th grade, at the elementary school, and  moved up to the middle school with him.  Her new title is "teaching assistant".  She's in the district's middle school, working with one teacher, in a self-contained special ed environment.

Yesterday Becca got caught in another hellish LIRR commute.  I can sympathize, I've had a few bad commutes over the years.  But she's moving into her apartment at the end of the month, so her LIRR commuting days are numbered.

Marvin gave us another bad scare, he wound up in the hospital again.  This time it was pneumonia.    Who knows what it'll be next time?

Sometimes I really love my Timehop app.  Yesterday it gave me photos of Duchess on September 2, 2013, the day Drew adopted her from the animal shelter.  She was such a tiny kitten!  But so full of energy.  She ran around the entire house that day, making it her own.  She's still quite a handful -- the other day she stood on top of the refrigerator and scolded Drew  for some imagined offense. 

Tonight is our last Ducks game of the season -- the tickets Drew won at the game a couple of weeks ago.  I've really enjoyed our trips to the ballpark.

But our baseball days aren't over yet.  We have tickets to see the Mets play the Yankees at Citi Field on the 20th.  It was originally scheduled as a Sunday afternoon game.  But since the Mets and Yankees are both playoff contenders, the game has been moved to Sunday night so that it can be broadcast on ESPN as the game of the week. Should be fun.

In the meantime, it's Labor Day weekend, and Drew's annual barbecue on Sunday. Should be an interesting time.

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