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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday brunch

Sometimes I think organizing a get-together with my kids is like organizing the invasion on Normandy. So it seems appropriate that this year we wound up doing Father's Day brunch at the 56th Fighter Group restaurant.

According to the website " A visit to the 56th Fighter Group will transport you back to an era of Big Band music and unparalleled patriotism. This charming 1917 French Style Allied Headquarters Farmhouse sits on the site where the P47 fighter aircraft was built during WWII. The rustic timbered ceilings and cozy dining rooms boast seven fireplaces and a romantic view of the runway of Republic Airport in the heart of Long Island. You can enjoy an extensive collection of aviation and WWII memorabilia as you dine in the museum-type atmosphere. "

The atmosphere lives up to expectations. Sunday brunch is served buffet style, with food located in one room and tables in various rooms. Our table was located in a room with huge picture windows looking out at WWII-era vehicles and the small modern planes at the airport. That meant we had to walk past the hostess station to get to the room with the food. But then, those sitting in the room where food was laid out did not have much of a view. All things considered, I prefer the view.

Small complaint -- some of the buffet stations were not fully manned, and some of the dishes were not immediately replenished. But overall the food was excellent. Drew and Jen chose mostly breakfast foods - omelets, pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage. Becca and I chose lunch foods -- I started with fresh fruit, a pasta salad, tomato salad, seafood salad, peel and eat shrimp. Next plate was roast beef and turkey from the carving station and rice pilaf. Becca really liked the roast beef, after she finished her own, she finished off mine. She also had some mac and cheese from the kids' station.

Dessert? We stuck with the cannoli, which was excellent. I saw lots of other cakes. The problem with a buffet - even if you stick to very small portions, you simply can't taste everything. But what we had was yummy.

The over-21 members of our party had mimosas (and yes, they did check Jen's ID), and Becca had tea. Overall a satisfying experience. I hadn't been there in decades, but now I am anxious to go back and see their dinner menu.

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Suzanne said...

We'd go to their sister restaurant in College Park, and it was guaranteed that Ed would eat at least 3 bowls of that incredible beer cheese soup.

Such a great place!

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