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Thursday, June 14, 2012

OMG - arrogance and stupidity get their comeuppance

Sometimes there are no words.
Today I saw a stupid/arrogant/dangerous situation involving an SUV.

Let me see if I can properly set the scene.

Jersey City waterfront.  Hudson Street  runs north/south, parallel to the Hudson River.  The neighborhood is also serviced by a light rail system (operated by New Jersey Transit),  the tracks are on the eastern side of Hudson Street, so that the trains travel alongside motor vehicle traffic.

Hudson Street accomodates two-way traffic, with one glaring exception.  For one blick, from Montgomery Street to York Street, you can drive southbound but not northbound.  Where the northbound lanes would be is occuppied by the light rail station.  Two platforms - northbound, and a central platform servicing trains in both directions. Southbound tracks are separated from the street by a high curb.

Very busy light rail station, it's across the street from the PATH station and the PATH trains into the World Trade Center.

So I was standing on the corner of Hudson and Montgomery, waiting to cross the street.  Had to wait because of a northbound light rail train pulling out of the station.    Directly behind the train was an SUV.  The motor vehicle was travelling northbound, on the train tracks, between the station platforms.  The driver was smiling the whole time.

Did I mention that the Jersey City Police, the Port Authority Police and the New Jersey Transit Police (three separate police departments) all like to park in front of the PATH station?  On a normal day you have a 50-50 shot at seeing a police vehicle in front of the station.  Today, with the POTUS visiting the WTC, the odds of seeing a police vehicle in front of the PATH rose dramatically.

No sooner did the SUV emerge from the train station, than the officer's lights went on.  I couldn't help but laugh when the SUV was pulled over.  I am sure the ticket was huge.

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Suzanne said...

Holy Moly! That's nuts!

(and take a picture of the station for reference, now that the excitement is over.)

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