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Sunday, June 17, 2012

More crazy mixed up family BS

My father is coming home for a visit today, for Father's Day.   So we will have a special dinner tonight. 

So how does this happy occasion turn into drama?


My three sisters do all the cooking, of course.  So putting dinner on the table becomes an all-day affair.    Don't ask how it becomes such a drawn-out process, I am not a participant in the process.  At their choice.

So today I was asked to pick up, and pay for, two cakes that were ordered from our favorite bakery.  I wouldn't have had a problem with this, except . . .and here's where the drama begins . . .

Drew and I are having brunch with Jen and Becca at 12:30.  Becca was in the city last night, and had to take a train home this morning.  Jen went to a party last night and slept at her friend Jill's, and had to pick up Becca at the train station at 11:30.  Drew and I went to the Ducks game last night, and I slept at his house.

The first time I heard about the cake was at 11 this morning, right after I got out of the shower and before I had a chance to get dressed. Meaning, I don't have time to pick it up before brunch, and that I might not have time after brunch because the bakery closes at 3 and the restaurant is a good 30 minutes away from the bakery.  If we are seated at 12:30 we will likely be done in time, but if we have to wait . . .

If I had known yesterday,  I would have planned to be up earlier so that I could get the cake and still be on time for brunch.  The cake was ordered several days ago, it would have been easy. . .

But the passive aggressive BS plan was to stress me out, ruin the brunch and then be able to say that "songbird never does anything to help. "

Sisters dear, I know you've been consuming the groceries I bought for my children, so you need to stop it now . . .

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