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Friday, June 1, 2012

A soul satisfying meal

Ben's Kosher Deli. One of my favorites. I think I am genetically programmed to yearn for such delicacies as matzo ball soup, chopped liver, brisket . . . A huge dish of cole slaw and a bucket of pickles (both sour and half sour) was placed on our table even before we ordered our meal. We all ordered sandwiches -- mine was pastrami on rye of course. Cold cuts are piled high. Gold's yellow mustard is on the table, russian dressing available if you ask for it. The guys ordered knishes -- Ben's makes their own round knishes (baked, like my grandma used to make), but you can get the square Coney Island type if you prefer. I ordered kasha varnishkes -- that's buckwheat and bowtie pasta. Gravy is served on the side -- a good thing because I didn't care for it, too thick. Remember, this is a kosher restaurant. They can't serve dairy and won't serve fake stuff like soy cheese, so don't expect sour cream with your latkes. Ben's is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, so all the waitresses were wearing silly hats to honor the occasion. Of course we brought home leftovers. And of course we were too full for coffee and dessert. Definitely one of my favorites. Ben's Kosher Deli & Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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Suzanne said...

That sounds wonderful!

You will laugh, because last night I did brisket on the grill (bbq style), and felt I needed to make some potato pancakes. It wasn't Channukah, but it felt like it.

I could go for Ben's slaw and pickles beside a sandwich now!

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