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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Second chances

So back in April I spent a "lovely" Saturday night in the hospital while Drew went to a concert, and our friend Bonnie went with him in my place.  I really wanted to see the Moody Blues, but fate (and my doctor) had other plans.

Fast forward to last Sunday.  Drew is reading the newspaper and comes across a full page ad:  the Moody Blues are coming back to Long Island for two concerts Thanksgiving weekend.  Of course we are planning to go.

One of my coworkers is an Avon lady.  I occcasionally buy from her.  In May I placed an order for some cosmetics and for a pretty denim tote bag.  I planned to use the bag when we went to Jen's graduation.  But when my order came in . . .no bag.  The order form said the item was no longer available.

Today my Avon lady emailed me that my order had arrived.  I didn't remember ordering anything.  Guess what?  It was the tote bag.  I plan to use it next month when we go to Virginia.

These things usually come in threes.  Can't imagine what may be next!

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