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Monday, June 4, 2012

Dance mom redux

So I went to the rehab facility yesterday and my dad was at an activity.  One of the local dance studios brought a number of students to the facility for a short performance.

Well, I am a dance mom (retired).  Both girls took dance class at a local studio from preschool until high school.  Jen dropped dance when she joined cheerleading (yes, I am also a cheer mom) and Becca dropped classes at the studio when she made dance team.

So it was quite nostalgic for me to watch these girls.  The little ones are so cute!  The older ones . . .some have huge personalities, some are really good dancers.  Some are awkward and trying so hard to keep up.

It all felt so familiar.  Even down to the point where I felt the show ran about 15 minutes too long. But it was fun to revisit the past, if only for an hour.

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