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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The time is out of joint

No, this isn't a review of Hamlet. Though I do have a passion for Shakespeare.

It's just that, for the last few weeks, time has been "off".

It started at the beginning of October.

The Jewish holidays came "late" this year. The Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar, so Jewish holidays don't neatly coincide with secular dates. Rosh Hashanah can be early in September or at the end of the month. Yom Kippur,10 days later, can sometimes occur in October. And that's what happened this year.

So there I was, on a Saturday morning in early October, participating in a solemn, introspective ritual.

And that night we went to the Bayville Scream Park. We love to visit this place, but usually go towards the end of October. It's a very Halloween-oriented activity. But this year we went early because we went with friends.Which left us nothing "Halloweenish" to do when the holiday actually arrived. A bit anti-climatic.

Then there were the things I couldn't control. Mother Nature, for one. I love October because of the fall foliage. It usually reaches its peak right around Halloween -- there's actually a picture of me taken in early November 1990, taken in my parents' yard, just days before Jen was born, and behind me the fall foliage was in all its glory. But this year the foliage was "late". i/e/. we were still in the "some color" stage on October 29, when we got hit with a freak winter storm...we actually got snow. Leaves on the trees were still green, and we got snow...

And let me rant a bit about daylight savings time. We turned the clocks back on November 6th this year, later than ever before. Really upset my rhythm.

So it's the middle of November now, we've just observed Veteran's Day, we're planning what to serve for Thanksgiving...

So guess where Drew and I are going tonight?

We've got tickets to see the Rockettes. Yes, we're going to Radio city to see the Christmas Show.

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