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Sunday, November 13, 2011

mmm . . . Mallomars!

Nabisco first introduced this sweet treat in 1913 and sold them in West Hoboken, NJ. Even now over 70% of all the Mallomars produced are sold in the NYC area.

A plain cookie . . . Topped with marshmallow . . .Covered in rich dark chocolate. So simple yet so wonderful.

I think part of the mystique is that they're taken off the market every summer, to return in the fall. This was a necessity in the days before refrigeration. Now it's just a tradition.

Mmmm . . .Mallomars . . .

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Suzanne said...

And they were immortalized by Billy Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally" in his New Year's eve scene:

'What's so bad about this? You've got Dick Clark, that's tradition; you have Mallomars, the greatest cookie in the world and you're about to give the Knicks their first championship since 1973.'

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