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Thursday, November 17, 2011

elder care

I am fortunate, at my age, to still have both of my parents. But life with my aging parents. . . Well, it is difficult to watch the physical and mental deterioration. Last night my sister Honey and I had a frank talk about how to take charge and what needs to be done to maintain our parents' home, all the tasks my mother is no longer capable of performing. stuff like getting the bills paid on time, calling a plumber or repairman, picking up meds at the pharmacy. The "good" news of the evening is that my dad actually asked us to get him a handicapped parking permit, which will make his life so much easier.

And while I am dealing with this . . .Drew is in Florida attending to his father. Drew's father is a widower, currently living in a nursing home. He had life-altering surgery last week and Drew flew down to make sure all is well . . .Or rather, as well as can be expected.

Drew has been his father's caregiver for several years now, handles his father's finances, etc. Wants to bring his father back to New York but can't figure out how to do it.

And now he's got issues with his uncle -- his father's brother. Uncle never had children of his own and it's falling to Drew to see to his uncle.

They call us the sandwich generation ....


Suzanne said...

I feel for you. It is so hard having to be the caretakers for the parents, when they're having a hard time admitting that they can't do it themselves.

songbird's crazy world said...

I know what you went through,Suzanne, with your in laws. now it's my turn, isn't it?

Suzanne said...

I've said it recently, I really dislike that my friends are joining this club.

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