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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lord knows I love her dearly, but sometimes . . .

So when Jen was home last weekend (and yes, she does need glasses, but only for driving at night), she took her car over to the dealer for an oil change.

Her car. The one she cannot afford but thinks I'm speaking Greek when I say so.

To be fair, she came up with the down payment. And even though my mother signed the loan papers, Jen has made (almost) every monthly payment.

But I pay the insurance, and the monthly premium is twice what the loan payment is.

So while she was there, the mechanic told her she needed two new tires and new brake pads, the rear brakes were shot. She told him to go ahead and do the work.

And only after it was done did she ask if I could pick up the tab.

Well, no, I'm a bit tapped out -- I paid the insurance, I paid for her trip last summer and I just gave her a chunk of money to indulge herself on her upcoming birthday. I couldn't give her the money even if I wanted to.

And more importantly, she didn't discuss the repairs with me before authorizing them (Drew says she could have saved a huge amount if she'd gone elsewhere), she acted first then expected me to pay for it -- a pattern she's falling into. and when I asked her exactly what work was done to the car, she couldn't expalin it to me. When you own a car you should have a real idea of what the mechanic is telling you.

Drew told her he'd give her some of the money she needed, but she'd have to go by his house and see him. She found half a dozen reasons why it was too inconvenient.

Ultimately my mother paid for the repairs....

Rolling my eyes here just a bit.


The Host said...

I think there is one of "those" people in every family. Adults who, inexplicably, manage to get other adults to pay their way through way more things than one could reasonably expect. Rather annoying to those (often) left holding the bag, but in the end I'd still rather be paying my own way.

Found you through NaBloPoMo blogroll, nice to "meet" you!

songbird's crazy world said...

Nice to meet you too!

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