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Friday, November 25, 2011

a (relatively) drama free holiday

There were some arguments and tears before the guests arrived. But for the most part the holiday was fun rather than stressful.

My three sisters do all the cooking and my contribution is cake and pie from Reinwald's, the best bakery on Long Island.

At the table this year - my parents, my three sisters, Jen and Becca and our good friend Jenn and her three boys. Greg is 21, Matt is 17 and Ben is 14.

Matt is a high school senior, his band marched in the Philadelphia parade this morning. Very exciting.

These boys are the closest thing to cousins that my girls have. The five young people (two of them aren't teenagers anymore!) like to hang out in the living room and watch movies. This time around Matt spent a lot of time asking Becca about colleges.

The best moment of the night?

We were about to have dessert. Jen brought a can of Reddi Whip into the dining room. Just before she put it on the table, she squirted some into her mouth. . . Then acted very sheepish when Jenn said something about liking whipped cream like that. Then Jen squirted whipped cream into Matt's mouth. And Greg's.

We also sang happy birthday to Jen and to Jenn. Both have November birthdays.

Overall a great holiday.

And I get to do it all again at Drew's house tonight.

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