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Sunday, November 20, 2011

dinner at Red Lobster

So last night Drew decided that after the emotionally exhausting week he had he wanted, no, he DESERVED a lobster dinner. Since we are Long Islanders, lobster is readily available in a variety of places and prices ranges, from the supermarket up to the fanciest seafood restaurant on the North Shore.

Last night we wound up in Red Lobster. Yeah, it's a chain, but the food is actually pretty good.

We shared an appetizer - mushroom stuffed with lobster and crab - lots of butter and cheese in that dish. Salad and their famous cheddar biscuits. Drew had a lobster bake - lobster tails and assorted shellfish over linguini. I did the "create your own" with fried shrimp, a steak and garlic grilled shrimp. Brought half of it home for tonight's dinner.

Wasn't happy with the service last night. The four people at the hostess station were so involved in conversation that they left us standing for an eternity before greeting us and taking our name for a table. The 25 minute wait turned into 40. The kitchen was so slow we got our salad before our appetizer, then had to wait a very long time for the entree. Our waitress even got confused and offered us dessert and coffee before she served the meal.

I do like the place, though, so I am sure we will go back.

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