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Thursday, November 10, 2011

On this day in 1975

the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in Lake Superior.

You know I like the Gordon Lightfoot song

Every year around this time I become a bit obsessed with it.

I don't remember hearing about the wreck on the news, didn't know back then that the song was based on a real event. Only recently have I made the effort to learn about the actual ship, not the ship as portrayed by Lightfooot.

He did take some license, but for the most part he stuck to the facts.

Love the poetry of the song though....the witch of November come stealing....the waves turn the minutes to hours....and farther below Lake Ontario takes in what Lake Erie can send her....

And despite the confusing lyrics...gthe church bell chimbed 29 times, one time for each man on board the ship,

Good music endures.

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