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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mitzvah Day . . . again

It's an annual event at the synagogue. It's a time to teach our kids the importance of doing for others.

My project is to make sandwiches. Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches (we don't do peanut butter - allergies) which will be delivered to an outreach center. Some will be used in their after school program, the rest in their soup kitchen.

We collect cell phones. The company that recycles their parts donates the proceeds for calling cards for soldiers serving in war zones overseas.

A local salon owner comes to cut hair for Locks of Love. This year he may also do those feather extensions . . .supporting the American Cancer Society.

Of course we have the blood drive.

And the kids can make toiletry kits for families in homeless shelters - a decorated paper bag with sample sizes of shampoo, soap,toothpaste . . .

Books for Israel . . .The public schools in that country need books written in English, so we send paperbacks.

So many projects . . . And so many more we could do . . .

The poverty I see these days overwhelms me. And it's getting worse.

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