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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

update from the college world

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 So both girls were home for Columbus Day weekend.

When I say they were "home" I mean they used this house as a pit stop.  It was just like having them here all summer...they'd pop in for a few minutes on their way to somewhere else.  Though (for reasons I'll discuss later) Jen wound up staying home a bit longer...

Let's start with Becca first.

This was her first real visit home.  Yes, she was home for the first night of Rosh Hashanah, but she didn't stay overnight -- after dinner she went back to her dorm.  And she'd gone to dinner with me, and a week later had dinner with her father in the city.  But this was the first time "home", sleeping in her own bed, seeing her friends, etc.   You should have heard the comment she made about  "showering in my own bathroom for a change."

Becca seems to have become a real Manhattanite.  She loves living in NYC, she's oh so comfortable taking the subway or hailing a cab.  what a difference from the girl who  insisted I go with her on the subway they day she went to summer orientation at her school.  She's loving her classes and feels like a kid in a candy store when she looks at the course catalogue.

Jen was full of news.  Mostly about  incidents at the house.  I'm thankful for her male room mates, who threw out some party crashers. And they had a mystery "guest" -- someone broke into the house in the middle of the night and fell asleep on their living room couch.  The male room mates dealt with the "guest" too.  I am beginning to like the idea of Jen living with guys.  ("don't worry, mom, they have their man-cave downstairs and the girls have their bedrooms upstairs.")

Jen needs to call her landlord, she's got a serious electrical problem in her room.  the lights will spontaneously turn themselves off, then turn back on awhile later.  But her room mates were teasing her, telling her it was a ghost....they named the ghost "George".   "George" apparently followed her to school one day -- in her poetry class one day the overhead light turned itself off, then on, then off again.

While Becca is overjoyed at picking classes for next semester, Jen is a bit overwhelmed by her choices.  She has to register today, and she felt a bit rushed about the whole process.

She stayed home a few extra days, as I said, but not for a happy reason.  A friend of hers passed away.  The young man, who she'd known in high school, was living at home and attending school locally.  He died in his sleep Friday night, and his father found him Saturday morning.  The wake was Tuesday and Wednesday, the funeral will be on Thursday.  Unfortunately it's not the first time Jen has lost a friend.  Everyone hug your kids tonight....

It was good to have the girls home, if only for a few days.  good to catch up on what's going on in their lives.  good to see how well they're handling  their college careers.  But it's so clear to me how grown up my daughters are, how they're moving into their own lives....

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