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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Our favorite Japanese steakhouse.

I wrote about the place last year.

We went back last Saturday night -- the food is wonderful. I love the artistry of the food preparation, and the comedy of the chefs.

What was really funny, though?

Almost every table in the place was celebrating a birthday!  The staff will sing to you if it's your birthday, and bring a candle stuck in a sily-looking porcelain cat in lieu of a birthday cake.  (One table brought their own cake, and the staff was happy to serve it.)

Seems that the restaurant offers a free meal to anyone celebrating a birthday.  You join the club, and when your birthday is near they'll send you a coupon.  guess that brings in a lot of business.

We're going back in February ... didn't go last year because of the cruise, but this year....

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