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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

Officially joined Weight Watchers but didn't go to the meeting because I was having a business lunch with counsel.

The show:

Begins with drama as Tina starts crying she wants to go home.  Lisa joins in,  Bob cures the drama with an intense workout.  then there's drama at the workout.

Jilllian inspires the women to push harder.

Tennis with Anna Kornikova.  then a pop challenge for immunity at this week's weigh-in.  Frado wins immunity.

Followed by a surprise weigh-in.  Looks like the producers are trying to shake things up this season.

Frado lost ...3 pounds?  good thing he's got immunity.

Burgandy lost one pound.  She's in tears.  Tina lost 4 pounds.   Sophia lost 6  -- that's a big loss in comparison.  Ada lost 6.  Lisa lost 5. 

Then the guys.  Aaron --7 pounds.  Great, but not as good as the double digits of last week.  Adam -- 12 pounds.

Elizabeth is up next.  she needs to have lost more than 7 pounds.  she lost 3.  Adam is safe, burgandy falls below the yellow line.

Rick's turn.  He needs 7 pounds.  He lost 8.  He's safe.  Elizabeth falls below the yellow line.

Mark needs more than 9 pounds.  He lost 11 and he's overjoyed.  Aaron falls below the yellow line -- the first guy to do so this time around.

Jessica gets on the scale.  She needs 6 to be safe.  She got 7!  Tina falls below the yellow line.

It's Jesse's turn.  He needs 8 pounds.  He lost 10. Lisa falls below the yellow line.

Patrick comes to the scale.  12 poundds, he's safe.  Sophia falls below the yellow line.

It's Brendan's turn.  Either he or Ada will be below the yellow line.  He needs 8 pounds.  He lost 5 pounds.  Ada is safe and Brendan is below the yellow line.

Adam wins the weigh-in and can save one player.  the other six will be in an elimination challenge.

and the campaigning begins.

and the work out prep for the challenge with Jillian.  and the others work out with Bob.

Adam saves Aaron.

the challenge.  6  people are digging for 4 brass rings.  no brass ring means you're up for elimination. Brendan uncovers a ring only to have it snatched away....I was glad he found the next one.

burgandy found the last ring, leaving Tina and Lisa up for elimination.  Ironic, these were the girls who wanted to go home....and now they don't.

And Tina goes home.

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