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Thursday, October 14, 2010

How did your parents meet?

My dad is a veteran of World War II.  He was drafted at age 18, did his basi training in Georgia and served in Italy at the tail end of the war.

One of my dad'sArmy buddies was a guy named Manny.  they had a lot in common -- they were both from NYC (my dad from Brooklyn, Manny from the Bronx), they were both Jewish, and they had the same surname -- a fairly common Jewish surname.

After the war, my dad began hanging out at Manny's house in the Bronx.  and met Manny's cousin, a girl who was about 7 years younger than Manny and my dad.

That girl would be my mom some day.  But when my parents first met, they were just friends.  It wasn't until much much later that they began to date.

Their first official date was at Yankee Stadium, they saw Joe DiMaggio play. and did I mention my dad is from Brooklyn?  A Dodger fan in enemy territory.  He must have really wanted to impress my mom....

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