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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

My news first.

Missed the registration meeting for weight watchers at work, but told the organizer I'll join and will be there next week.

Now for the show.

I was glad bob and Jillian were able to bring back two more contestants.  Last week's show was cruel.

no teams, just individuals this time around.  no parents willing to throw themselves under the bus to give their kids a chance to stay on the ranch/

After the first workout they all meet with the doctor.  Lots of tears and fears and scare tactics.

then the lesson in healthy eating, and back to working out.

And then the sandwiches arrive.... OMG.

and weigh-in so early in the game?   and the yellow line has moved.  half the contestants will be below the yellow line!  Everyone started their weight loss efforts at home before coming to the ranch, and everyone is doing well on the scale despite being so nervous.   So many got good results but wound up below the yellow line!

and the one who won the weigh-in can save one of the players under the yellow line.

and those under the line will compete in a challenge to save themselves.

Rick picks Patrick, the only man below the yellow line.  the women will compete to stay in the game.7 players racing to 5 flags. the five who get flags are safe,  the two who are left will be subject to elimination.

I don't know the contestants well enough to root for/against either of them!  Tina or Allie?

And Allie gets sent home.

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