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Saturday, October 16, 2010

NaBloPoMo prompt == Where were you and what were you doing ten years ago?

In the year 2000....some of my life was the same, some of it very different.

I mean, I still live in the same place as I did 10 years ago, with all the same people....well, not entirely, I'm still with my parents and two of my sister, but my other sister now lives in an apartment and my children are away at college.

10 years ago -- it was the year Jen turned 10 and Becca turned 8, they were in elementary school, and very involved in Hebrew school and dance class and gymnastics and all of that sort of thing. Drew and I were very much estranged, and the girls had a whole different life with them on alternate weekends.

I was still with a law firm then, still going to court, drafting briefs, etc.Loved the work, hated the hours, needed a change. made that change 2 years later, when I found the job I have now.

two of the highlights of the year were the trips I took to Disney, in February I went with just the girls, and in August I took my three sisters as well as the kids.

and that was the year that NYC was the baseball capital of the world. the Subway Series was absolutely amazing! I rooted for both NYC teams throughout the playoffs, but ultimately my heart belongs to the Mets, so I couldn't celebrate the Yankee victory.

and that was the year of Y2K, our biggest fear was the coming "computer failure". that was before we knew what real terror was.

it was an interesting year, wasn't it?

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