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Thursday, October 28, 2010

it's amazing what kids remember and what they forget

My daughter Jen had no idea I used to be a courtroom attorney.  as far as she's concerned, mom works for an insurance company and always has. 

she's wrong.  I was with a law firm before she was born, went to work for an insurance company when she was an infant.  and when she was 7 I went back to a law firm, spent 3 years there before coming back to an insurance company.

on the other hand, Jen knows that my sister is an excellent trial attorney -- until recently she was an assistant district attorney in NYC.

Jen and I are about to be sued over the auto accident she had last may.  I won't share the details, obviously, since this matter is going into litigation.  but I was stressing over it a bit.

so my darling daughter told me I should talk to her aunt to get myself calm, since Aunt knows all about these things!

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