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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Biggest Loser Tuesday

So I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting. got on the  scale and almost cried, I'd gained back a significant amount of weight since last time I was a member.  Wish me luck as I try to take it off again.

the show starts off like gangbusters -- there's a red line this week, the one person below the line will go home.    there's a temptation challenge -- cupcakes!  you have to find the prize by following clues.  the prize is a one-pound advantage, but if you save it, it grows by another pound each week.  Adam wins the challenge.

and then come the regrets, some of the players who ate the cupcakes are upset with themselves.

next is the celebrity chef with the low calorie dessert options. Curtis Stone makes low cal cupcakes.

and then the scheming.  and the workout.

and Elizabeth's drama over the asthma attack.

and then the weigh in starts.  there's a red line and a yellow line....

I wasn't really focusing on the show at this point, I was having a idscussion with Jen about...well, stuff...

got my focus back halfway through the weigh-in.

Burgandy is up. She needs more than 6 pounds....she lost 5.  She takes in as a motivator.  But she beat Mark, who falls below the yellow line.

Ada also needs 6 pounds to be safe.  she lost 10!  She goes to the top of the board!  Burgandy falls below the line.

Jessica's turn.  Seven pounds, right on the edge between safe and below the line.  Jesse is below the line.

Brendan loses 11 pounds.  He's safe.  Elizabeth is below the line.

Frado is up, needs 9 pounds.  He lost 20.  He's safe. He goes to the top of the board.  Lisa falls below the yellow line.

Adam is up.  He hasn't used the one pound advantage.  He needs 9 pounds to be safe.  He lost 10.  Jessica falls below the line.

Sophia is the last person to weigh in.  she needs more than 5 pounds to be safe.  she lost 2 pounds.  she's in shock!  and heartbroken.

she's below the red line and she's going home.

Frado hs to decide who to save from elimination.  Let the campaigning begin.

Dramatics from Ada during the workout.

bob is annoyed at the yellow line being in the middle of the board, that the girls are mostly the ones below it.  What radical idea is he going to do now?

He takes them to his house for a meal!

Burgandy needs medical attention -- her foot hurts.  The doctor puts her foot in a boot.  He's taking her out of the challenge.

So that means she's up for elimination unless Frado saves her....but he saves Jessica.

They have to unroll a carpet the length of a football field and then race back.  the first three back are safe, the last will be up for elimination.

Jesse and Mark finish first, it's up to Lisa and Elizabeth.   Lisa finishes the challenge.

Jesse and Mark go help Elizabeth finish the challenge.

and Burgandy goes home.

and next week, new players.

OMG I didn't realize Sophia coaches cheerleading!

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