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Friday, February 13, 2009


so, you haven't heard much from me lately.

I am posting this from my phone. and I have to be very careful, because if Ipress the CLR button too hard my whole post will vanish into the stratosphere. so excuse the typos.

my laptop seems to have bitten the dust. it's been running slow, it overheats, it tells me my hard drive is nearly full amd that I am low on memory. I've had it for 4 years, and I understand laptops have a limited usseful life. I wanted to get it into the Geek Squad months ago. but for reasons I won't get into now, until the fios guy showed up yesterday mine was the only 'puter in the house with an internet connection...and kidlet needed access to I don't know if my laptop is salvageable now.

I have a killer cold. been sick since wednesday. of course I am sick, I am going to Boston on Monday. and my colds tend to morph into ear infections and bronchitis. one time Ieven had pneumonia.

and ever notice that the week before vacation is the busiest? and I killed tuesday morning and thursday afternoon at seminars. wanted to stay late wednesday but felt sick as a dog. couldn't stay late thursday - bagged a committee meeting because I was still sick. wound up staying until 7 tonight - the friday before a 3 day weekend. talk about lonely.

I am going home and going to bed. wake me when it's springtime, Ok?


Suzanne said...

Four years old-check
Running hot-check
hard drive almost full-check
won't run properly-check

add that my battery only goes 3 minutes before dying and a bunch of sticky keys and you've got my HP!

That's why I'm scoping out laptops right now!

songbird's crazy world said...

I've replaced my battery once and my converter cable twice.

add to this - no webcam and no wifi.

is there a market for used[up] laptops? I think I'll be buying a new laptop after Icome back from Boston.

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