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Sunday, February 15, 2009

oh dear G-d, this is unbelievable -- I have a ZIT!

and not just some random, small, controllable zit.

no, I was cursed with the mother of all zits...a huge red blob right in the middle of my chin.

at least it's not on my nose...or Icould be mistaken for Rudolph.

it's a huge zit, an ugly zit, even a slight bit painful.

I'm going to be 49 years old on Wednesday AND I'M STILL GETTING ZITS!

in a way I should be grateful that my skin still thinks I'm youthful enough to get zits. I'll go celebrate that youthful glow after Mr. Zit vacates the premises.

zits have to be male...only a man can vex a woman as much as this zit is vexing me.

and did I get any sympathy from my darling 16 year old?

of course not.

all she said was "I hope you're planning to take care of that thing before we go to Boston tomorrow."

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