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Sunday, February 22, 2009

oh happy laptop is on the way

borrowed mom's laptop yesterday and placed my order with Dell. my new computer will be here by March 5....complete with wifi, a webcam, up to date software and bluetooth -including a wireless mouse- so I can have fun playing and still manage to get work done.

meantime I'm posting from the phone again...


Suzanne said...

Smart woman, getting that bluetooth, since you've got the Voyager! (I skipped it for myself)

I posted about mine and I've been updating the progress. Converting iTunes isn't as easy as I expected. You have to save the file onto the iPod, then port it over to the new machine. For me, it means I now show 12 gigs of 'other', when it was only a couple of megs before.

Obviously, Kaddish didn't work, is the other one completely beyond repair?

Joyce-Anne said...

Whooo-hoo!! Good for you!

songbird's crazy world said...

McCoy to Kirk: "It's dead, Jim."

I suspect if I'd gotten it fixed 3 months ago it would have been salvageable.

Can't wait to try the new one....

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