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Friday, February 6, 2009

mom brag

Becca made high honor roll this marking period.

but of course she did, she does every marking period.

of course I am proud!!!


Christina said...


I hope to join you in that brag sometime between now and June 2014 when younger son graduates.

Not holding my breath tho' ;-)

songbird's crazy world said...

it can be done, Christina. Becca has always been highly motivated at school and has always achieved. But my older daughter Jen, currently a freshman at University of Rhode Island...her freshman year in high school ...well, let's just say school got in the way of her social life and leave it at that. turned herself around junior year, and made honor roll and even high honor roll every marking period in her junior and senior years.

your son can do it, he just has to motivate himself -- you can't do it for him.

Jibber Jabber with Joyce-Anne said...

Good for her. And, yay for you. You should brag about your children's accomplishments

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