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Thursday, February 26, 2009

deja vu

I have just returned from Boston -- again. This time I was in town on business. Flew out of Newark yesterday morning (yes, I know, Islip and JFK and Laguardia are all much closer to my house, but the fare out of Newark was unbelievably cheap -- so cheap that the relatively large fare for car service was justified.) I left my house at 4 for a 6:30 flight. What I like about flying out of Newark -- we flew right over Manhattan, at an altitude where I could see all the landmarks. It took all of 45 minutes to fly over the route that took hours and hours to drive last week.

My meeting was in the financial district, a very lovely part of town. I got there incredibly early, and wound up kiling time in the local Au Bon Pain. There's something comforting about the familiarity of your favorite chain of coffee shops.

My company reserved a room for me at the Omni Parker House, a hotel rich in history. So it was only logical that my colleagues and I have lunch there. I had a lobster roll -- and Parker House rolls, of course.

And what can I say about my room? It was everything that the Holiday Inn Express lacked. Huge, comfy bed, flat screen tv, minibar, spa robe...and a view of some lovely old historic building.

We had an early dinner, my colleagues and I, at Abe & Louie's. It's in the Back Bay area of the city, not too far from BU. I am told it's the best steakhouse in Boston.

I was back at the hotel and in my room by 8:00. and fast asleep before 9 -- missed the ending of the Biggest Loser.

and up by 4 AM. My sleep patterns are all messed up. I was booked on a 9:30 flight this morning, but got to the airport so early that the Continetal employee who checked my bag bumped me to an earlier flight.

Flying into Newark gets you an incredible view of Giants Stadium.

I opted not to hire car service to take me home -- I didn't feel comfrotable spending mega bucks in mid day, when it was just as easy to take Jersey Transit for a fraction of the price. took a train from Newark to Penn Station, then walked down a flight of stairs to the LIRR concourse for the final leg of the journey.

And arrived home in time for lunch.


Joyce-Anne said...

Okay then. Being a seasoned Islander, it seems only natural you'd take mass transportation all the way home.

Suzanne said...

NJT to and from Newark isn't a bad proposition. I've done the same, the two times I flew out of there. (tells you how long ago THAT was!)

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