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Monday, February 2, 2009

pocket change

I never, ever spend my pocket change. If I'm paying cash, I always use bills.It's a habit I picked up years and years ago, when I had to take my clothes to the laundromat and city buses only accepted coins in the fare box.

I don't have a change purse. I tend to throw my change into the bottom of my pocketbook. When the bag starts to feel like I'm carrying around a rock collection, I put the coins into a jar on my dresser. Every once in a while I empty the jar and count up the coins -- my bank gives you a free gift (a small token) if you can predict how much money you have in coins before the coin counting machine adds up your total.

this is what was in the jar last night:

Anyone want to guess how much money that is?

It's $106.49. I am fabulously wealthy today.

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