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Saturday, February 7, 2009

kids were put on this earth to make their parents crazy

Monday February 16th is Presidents' Day -- a 3-day weekend for URI students, and the beginning of midwinter recess at our high school.

Just before Jen went back to school last month, she and Becca made plans. Becca is going to visit Jen on 2/12 - that's this coming Thursday. I want Becca to see the URI campus from the perspective of a student (she saw the campus on move-in day, but that's different.) I don't think URI is on Becca's list, but seeing the school will give her a frame of reference when she visits other colleges. and the fact that there's a Jason Mraz concert at URI thursday night...has nothing to do with the timing of the visit. ;-)

so the plan was for both girls to come home to Long Island on the 13th. then Becca and I were planning to drive Jen back to school Monday night, because on Tuesday we are headed to Boston to check out several schools.

so two days ago I made the hotel night in Rhode Island, two in Boston.

Jen came home from school for the weekend, she got a ride with a friend. so last night we're talking about next weekend...and she said "I may go back to school sunday night instead of Monday..."

it seems she met a boy...


Suzanne said...

She's in cahoots with your hairdresser to keep you in hair coloring!

songbird's crazy world said...

my hairdresser has two girls of her own -- one a year older than Jen and one the same age as Becca, so she truly understands my problems...

Joyce-Anne said...

Your next question should be is... "So, what's his name?..." See what she says

songbird's crazy world said...

I know his name....she said "i want to go back up to school to hang out with russell," then got all giggly and hid her face behind her hands.

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