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Friday, November 28, 2008

watch out, world

Becca is now the proud owner of an official NYS learner's permit.

her birthday was back in July,but this was the first opportunity we had to go to the DMV.

it was almost a disaster. we got to the DMV this morning and Becca presented her birth certificate and passport. but she didn't have her social security card...somehow I misplaced her card (and my own). they wouldn't let her apply for the permit without the card.

you cannot imagine the tears.

so we drove over to social security and filled out the paperwork for replacement cards. we should get the new cards in about a week. but wedid get a print out saying that Becca's number is (her number) and that she applied for a new card.

back at the DMV they were glad to accept the letter in lieu of the card. so she took the written test and the vision test, and had her photo taken. and I paid a fee. she got her temporary permit and should have the picture one in about a week.


Christina said...

Aaaack! Glad I live so far away ;-) I kid...hang in there...oh the heartache when your teen starts to drive...still getting over the terrors from boy #1 and boy #2 will be there in 4 years.

songbird's crazy world said...

I know. My older daughter Jen got her permit on her 16th birthday and got her license when she was 17 1/2.

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